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Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
* Tine De Moor, chair IASC2017
* Bert van der Zwaan, rector magnificus Utrecht University
* Jet Bussemaker, Netherlands Minister of Education, Culture, and Science
* Kees Blokland, founder Agriterra
* Hans Docter, ‎Director for Sustainable Economic Development, Nteherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* John Powell, President IASC
* Pedro Agustín Medrano Ceña, representative Asociacion Frorestal de Souria (winner Elinor Ostrom Award for Practitioners 2019)
Keynote lectures
Keynote lecture
Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and Member of the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, USA - 'The rise of extractive logics in our economies - Geographies of expulsion'
Policy debate
'Securing rights on land and resources through collective action and cooperation'
(in cooperation with Rights and Resources Initiative)

Keynote lecture
Jane Humphries, Professor of Economic History and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford University (UK) - 'Condescension and the commons: The value and importance of an open countryside'
Policy debate
'Framing the commons. Ideological perceptions of the societal role of commons and cooperatives in the past and present'
Keynote lecture
Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Dean Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) - 'Experiments as tools for learning: Lessons from 20 years of practicing the artisanship of cooperation in the classroom, lab, and field'
Policy debate
'The interplay between science and practice'
Photo impressions
Photo impressions Opening Ceremony Dom Church
Photos keynote Saskia Sassen & policy debate
Photos keynote Jane Humphries & policy debate
Photos keynote Juan Camillo Cárdenas & policy debate
Photo impressions Agriterra Round Table Session
Photo impressions DuurzaamDoor Practitioners' Lab
Photo impressions Excursion E (Brabant entrepreneurs)
Photo impressions Excursion G (Utrecht water management)
Photo impressions Excursion K (Utrecht urban commons)
Photo impressions Excursion L (Veluwe area)
Photo impressions Excursion M (Het Gooi)
Photo impressions Excursion O (Betuwe cooperatives)
Photo impressions Excursion P (Gro-ningen cooperatives)
Photo impressions Children's Program at Casco
Photo impressions Conference Dinner & Ostrom Award
Photo impressions IASC2017 Closing Ceremony
Photo impressions IASC2017 Conference (general)
IASC2017 in the media
Website 'Publiek Denken', September 19, 2017
'Duurzaamheidsnetwerken in internationaal perspectief'
Read article online (in Dutch)
Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities 'Highlights'
'Citizens taking matters into their own hands. The largest international commons meeting ever'
Download pdf
Website Gebiedscoöperatie Westerkwartier, July 18, 2017
'Buitenlandse wetenschappers geïnspireerd door coöperaties in Noord-Nederland' ['Researchers from abroad inspired by cooperatives in northern part of the Netherlands']
Read article online, July 13, 2017
'Een burgercollectief begint vaak met zorgen om het mileu' ['Citizens' collectivities are often initiated out of care for the environment']
Read article online or download pdf, July 10, 2017
'En wéér gaan burgers alles zelf doen' ['And once more citizens will be doing it by themselves']
Read article online or download pdf
Edese Post, July 12, 2017, p. 7
'Wetenschappers uit Utrecht naar Ede' ['Scientists from Utrecht visit Ede']
Download article [in Dutch]
Ede, July 6, 2017
'Internationaal Common congres bezoekt Ede' ['International commons conference pays visit to Ede']
Read article online [in Dutch]
Staatscourant online, July 7, 2017
'Burgerinitiatieven en aanbestedingsrecht' ['Citizens' initiatives and procurement law']
Read article online [in Dutch]
Website 'Zuid doet samen', July 15, 2017
'Internationaal bezoek Zuid doet Samen' ['International visitors to Zuid doet Samen']
Read article online [in Dutch]
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Photos by Syed Aiman Raza
Photos LabGov by Maaike Miedema
Movie LabGov session (download)
Photos by Robert Klaassen
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