Lunch lectures by 2017 Elinor Ostrom Award laureates – Friday, July 14

Time – Friday July 14, 12:45 – 14:00
Location – UCK Domplein, Marnix Room
Chair – Leticia Merino, Chair of the Award Committee of Elinor Ostrom Award on Collective Governance of the Commons

Ugo Mattei (2017 Elinor Ostrom Award for Senior Scholars) – On positivism and the commons

Ugo Mattei’s lecture will follow the itinerary of intellectual dissatisfaction that has lead a jurist (like himself) from legal positivism, through scientific positivism, to the commons. Prof. Mattei (Professor of Law, University of Turin & University of California-Hastings) will discuss the hegemonic conditions (political and cultural) that in the early years of neoliberalism have produced the demise of legal positivism in favor of law and economics He will also point at his casual encounter with Ostrom’s work in the common search of a more realistic approach to economics (in the Coase-North neo-institutionalism) and to his continuous dissatisfaction with the separation between normative and positive approaches. Ugo Mattei will conclude with a short sketch of an ecology of law and of the political and intellectual work that needs to be done to put the commons at the center of it.

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Joshua Cinner (2017 Elinor Ostrom Award for Young Scholars) – Co-managing coral reef fisheries

In an effort to deliver better outcomes for people and the ecosystems they depend on, many governments and civil society groups are engaging natural resource users in collaborative management arrangements. Joshua Cinner (James Cook University Australia, Coral Reef Studies ARC Center of Excellence) surveyed 960 resource users from 42 coral reef-dependent coastal communities across 5 countries to examine how ecological, livelihood, and compliance outcomes are related to socioeconomic conditions (e.g., market accessibility and levels of poverty) and specific institutional arrangements (such as the types of particular rules in use and the forums for developing those rules).

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