Conference Excursions (Thursday, July 13)

Conference Excursions (Thursday, July 13)

Conference excursions are scheduled for Thursday July 13, 2017. Most excursions are full-day field trips. In case you want your partner and/or children to join the excursion too, please indicate the number of participants you register for. A more extensive overview can be found at our excursions webpage.

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Exc.TitleTopicsTimeRegionEURlunchMore info
(A)Citizens and farmers united in landscape managementlandscape management08:00-18:00Friesland & Groningen provincesEUR 55includedMore info
(B)From the farm to the shelves: food and landscapeslandscape management08:30-18:00City of Wageningen c.a.EUR 55includedMore info
(C)Eat locally! Collective initiatives in food, health and welfare in the Utrecht arealandscape management09:30-17:30City of Utrecht c.a.EUR 50includedMore info
(D)From past to present in Drenthe’s countrysidecitizens' collectivities08:00-18:00Drenthe provinceEUR 40includedMore info
(E)Brabant’s social entrepreneurscitizens' collectivities08:00-18:00North-Brabant provinceEUR 50includedMore info
(F)Caring in common: citizens’ initiatives for care, housing, and food in the central Netherlandscitizens' collectivities08:00-18:00Central part of NetherlandsEUR 50includedMore info
(G)Beware of wet feet! Past and present water management in a high-risk environmentwater management08:30-18:00Utrecht provinceEUR 40includedMore info
(H)H: Not wet enough? Past and present irrigation communities in the Eastern Netherlandswater management08:00-18:00Eastern part of NetherlandsEUR 50includedMore info
(I)Urban commoners in Arnhemurban commons08:30-17:30City of ArnhemEUR 50includedMore info
(J)Making the city of Rotterdamurban commons08:00-18:00City of RotterdamEUR 50includedMore info
(K)Making the urban commons of Utrechturban commons08:30-17:30City of Utrecht c.a.EUR 50includedMore info
(L)Keeping the past, building the future: the common lands of the Veluwe areahistorical commons; land management; forestry08:00-18:00Veluwe areaEUR 50includedMore info
(M)The end of history? Het Gooi as one of the longest enduring commons in the Netherlandshistorical commons; land management; forestry08:00-18:00Het Gooi areaEUR 55includedMore info
(N)Cooperating in Brabantcooperatives08:00-18:00North-Brabant provinceEUR 50includedMore info
(O)From energy to fruit: new cooperative initiatives in the Betuwecooperatives08:00-18:00Betuwe areaEUR 50includedMore info
(P)Cooperative entrepreneurship in Groningencooperatives08:00-18:00Groningen provinceEUR 40includedMore info
Conference Excursions (Thursday, July 13)