Pre-conference excursion (Sunday, July 9)

Pre-conference excursion (Sunday, July 9)


Join an adventurous day-trip to the Wadden Sea, the largest unbroken system of inter-tidal sand and mud flats in the world! We will visit the island of Ameland and make a 4 hour inter-tidal walk across the seabed. A good physical condition is required! Please read the info in the product description below carefully before you enroll.

Please do note the following conditions

+ good physical condition required; not recommended for pregnant women and people with health issues
+ minimum age: 14 years old, maximum age: 70 years
+ minimum body length: 165 cm
+ proper shoes (read more about this in product description)
+ an extra set of clothes and shoes
+ excursion will be dependent on weather conditions

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UNESCO World Heritage the Wadden Sea is the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world. As a result of tidal movement these sandflats are submerged at high tides, but become exposed around low tides. And yes, this means you can walk across the sea, if you’re fast enough… We offer a guided tour, comprising a boat tour to the isle of Ameland, a visit to the dunes and salt marshes on the isle and a wonderful and unique (and demanding!) 4 hour walking journey back to the mainland across the seabed. Join us on this adventurous trip, visiting one of the most remarkable natural areas in the world!

This Wadden Sea excursion is organized together with the Centre for Maritime Research, who organize a conference just before the IASC2017 conference.

A more extensive description, including detailed requirements, can be found via this link.


1) This excursion is only suitable for people in good physical condition. This means:

  • age between 14 and 70
  • minimum height 165 cm
  • good general condition
  • excursion is not recommended for pregnant women and people with health issues

2) As the inter-tidal walk will be across the seabed and sometimes through the water, we recommend you to bring:

  • a dry set of clothes
  • an extra pair of shoes
  • sufficient food and drinks (you will be offered a lunch before the start of the walk and a small meal when you arrive at the mainland)

3) The walking tour will be dependent on favorable weather conditions. This can only be estimated shortly before the start of the tour. In the unlikely case that weather predictions do not allow the inter-tidal walk, an alternative Wadden Sea tour will be offered.

Pre-conference excursion (Sunday, July 9)